Buy together add-on design

I will never get why they put “Buy Together” under “special” tab? Who designed it? Is it me or is there anybody else think this is not a 100% useful add-on? 99.9% of visitors will NOT click on “Buy Together” tab. Why reinvent the wheel? I think it is simple, just see how Amazon does it and do the same. I don’t get it. This is similar to product feed add-on, which is useless without image and product URL. I really hoped they would fix it in 2.11.

Absolutely agree with you, in both points!

I thought the “buy together” will be similar like product option, you just don’t have to care about prices or other changes, but not…

Feeds, until I am not able to define it as XML and edit XML structure, no sense to use it.

I have not fully tested the buy together but for now it looked okey to me after having checked the Amazons. The current cs-cart buy together support images and the product option of the parent products available from the date base which is great.

I have just checked the Amazon buy together, the Amazon bundle did not not even give any details of the part build from. May be expectation was different?

I like to thank to cs-cart for their new add on buy together and hope they carry on the hard work for feature request of the users voice for the buy together, required parts, product configurator and also product display layout options.


Has anyone implemented the Buy together add-on and have a link to an example.

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I have reported a possible bug ! Any one has similar experience?

I create a a buy together bundle and add products without options from the admin.

But what I look at the user frontpage, Under the buy together tab, I see some correct items and also some other items asking “specify options”. When I click some items picture with “specify options”, I get "404 Page Not Found ". When I click the “specify option” I get many unrelated options selection page?

It this a bug ?

Having checked again, this is happening relatively for the products under hidden category!!

Any Fix?


I have found bug in Buy together addon, I have tried to add couple products and it count wrong price for me, another bug is that my products min. qty is set to 25, when I’m trying to add some other products to this one it shows 0 at qty field…

Sorry, i havent find until now the configuration or how i can add buy together products.!?

[quote name=‘pbannette’]Hi,

Has anyone implemented the Buy together add-on and have a link to an example.

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Thanks Roban.

This example did not work when I tried, something about minimum quantity.

I was wondering if the buy together could be configured for this:

Item 1 - A product with a particular option and another product.

Also, has anyone implemented an upsell page. This would be when a customer would add an item to a cart and is presented with a page with other products that would go with the item added to the cart. They would be able to add that item at the same time.

Example would be someone buying a picture and then is presented with a page with several frame choices after adding the picture to the cart. This would be configured per product or groups of similar products.



It looks ok but I can’t add it to the cart. This addon needs more documentation.

It would be great if there was a user setting to use this add on as a Bundle made of the parts or as a “frequently bought together” with the main item to be part of the deal similar as Amazon “frequently bought together” alternative to the main item.

As a default, it is always bringing the main item into the part of the componts with “0” quantities so not possible to use it as a bundle.

The available manual describes this add on very similar to a bundle example but infact function like “frequently bought together” .

This add on buggy for now and needs further modifications. :confused:

Thanks for the answers! And where i can add products for this addon? Wich link? I´ve activated this addon but dont see where i can confifure it.


[quote name=‘Triplex’]Thanks for the answers! And where i can add products for this addon? Wich link? I´ve activated this addon but dont see where i can confifure it.


In your product configuration there is an extra tab added when it is activated.

See a typical simple buy together but not working as I have expected . fireshop alarm valve buy together

After having installed “buy together” from Add on, go to any product page without product configurator assigned, you will see buy together on any product tab on the admins. If you do not see “+ add combination” button under the tab of the “Buy together”, you might have an installation issue. Do not use “buy together” on any product with product configurator. They replace each others tabs