Buy/sell Platform Options

We would like to move a facebook buy/sell group to a more robust platform where buyers and sellers would have more control. It is a local group with 30,000 members. We really need to be in a position where we categorize items and quit the browsing by scrolling. Also, we would like to create a monetization model where we can sell banner ads to local businesses on category specific pages.

We need to be smart phone friendly as about 70% of our buyers and sellers are using their phones for access. We need to be able to have question and answer capacity within listing to maintain the social connection. Facebook login would be nice as the social aspects of facebook selling would like to be continued. People like the lack of anonymity we currently have. Otherwise, they would be using craigslist. We also would like to make sure they still have the ability to have cash on delivery options and the ability to have different membership levels. Private members list for free and business members pay a subscription.

There are more features we would like, but this is a start to get an idea if this cs cart would be going in the right direction.

Thanks, td

Dear td577,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

My name is Maria, I am a sales manager . I will be glad to answer your questions.

As far as I understand, you need a marketplace where multiple independent vendors (sellers) will sell their products. If so, our Multi-Vendor should suit your business needs.

Each vendor will have their own pages within the common storefront where all their items will be categorized. If we have a look at the home page, then all vendors' products will be represented in the main menu (the menu of categories). Each category page can be enriched by various blocks, including banners.

Speaking about adaptivity, Multi-Vendor includes 8 adaptive themes by default. Also, the Twigmo add-on adds a specially designed mobile storefront to your store. For more information about Twigmo, please, follow this link:

As for seller-buyer communication, at the moment it is realized via comments on product pages and private discussion on an order page in customers' profiles. Facebook login is included into the Social login add-on and the Janrain add-on.

Among payments methods Multi-Vendor has cash on delivery and different membership is created by using the User groups feature. Payments for user groups are not uncluded by default.

Please, feel free to contact us at so we could discuss your project in more detail.

I look forward to your email.

Thank you.