Buy product get other free

To all,

I have a promo to run where you buy a twin mattress cover you get a standard pillow cover free.

I tried the “Buy Together” but since I use “Global Options” for the size drop down it doesn’t seem to work. That is when I pick the mattress cover it doesn’t identify a size so when one is added to the cart it doesn’t give the pillow cover free.

So the other way is to add many individual cart promos for each size and quantity where if you buy 1 mattress cover you get 1 pillow cover. But we all know the issue with this promo is that the logic is “=” not “=>” so you have to buy one to get one then put in a second promo to buy 2 and get 2 and so on.

Does anyone know any way around this or am I just not doing the “Buy Together” correctly?

We are on version 2.1.0

Thanks in advance…