Buy In Advance?

Hi Everyone,

Trying to figure out what the Buy In Advance option is for on the product options, just in the “Availability” area. Can anyone tell me what this option does and is for? I am wondering if it is a sort of Pre-Order option?


The following was posted in the following Bug Tracker thread by a developer:

[QUOTE]There are two fields: ‘Avail since’ and ‘Buy in advance’.

The first situation:

‘Avail since’ – filled in

‘Buy in advance’ - disabled.

In the customer area you will see: “This product can’t be added to cart now. It will be available on [the date you entered]”. The “Add to cart” button will be hidden even if this product is in stock (the in-stock value is more than 0)

The second situation:

‘Avail since’ – filled in

‘Buy in advance’ - enabled.

You will see the same label, but if the product amount in stock is more that 0, you will see the “Add to cart” button.

Please note that in any case you cannot sell a product with zero amount. So, you will see the “Out of stock” label. Or, you can enable the “Allow negative amount in stock” options on the General settings page in the admin area.

I will explain how it works in real life.

For example, you sell printers and you ordered a new batch of “Model XXX-100” containing10 items. You are still waiting for this batch to be delivered at your warehouse. So, you add this product to your cs-cart store, set up the amount equal to 10 and inform the customers that this product will be available within a week.[/QUOTE]



How will that effect the actual order if a customer does order this item, and then other items that are now in stock? Thanks


There is no effect; the customer is simply able to order (and prepay) for the item. You can use the shipments feature to partially ship the order and then change the order status to ‘Backordered’ to make it easier to find it when product is back in stock.


Awesome, thanks for the help.