Buy 3 Products, Pay 2


We want to have a discount.

Buy 3 - Pay 2 (cheapest product free)

Is this possible?


You should be able to convince the promotions sub-system (for each product) to provide a discount based on quantity. Questions to answer are things like what if they order 6, do they get 2 free?

Another option is to use the bulk_pricing. I.e. if quantity==3, then 33% off.

And also you can do an addon that you could specify it for each product.

Yes, if they order 6 products the should get the two CHEAPEST products free, but this is NOT neccessary.

The 33% isn't going to work. What if they put 2 expensive products and one super cheap one in.

Lot's of shops are doing it, can't imagine it's not possible with CS

Search the market for a BOGO (buy one get one free) and ask the developer to make it configurable by product for how many (quantity) they have to buy of that product to get one free. But it sounds like you're wanting this to apply to any product purchased. So at this point, your requirements are not clear. Is it by product or by quantity of items in the cart? Then will they get the least expensive product in the cart for free? Or will they choose some other product?