Buy 1 Get 1 Free

I know this has been brought up before, but I think this is a topic that demands more discussion.

This should be a basic function of any shopping cart, and I'm surprised CS Cart doesn't (as far as I can tell) support this.

I want to have a b1g1 sale on my entire store. If someone purchases an item, they will get a 2nd item of equal or lesser price for free. This should be any item in the store that they want, and should also work for b2g2, b3g3, b4g4, etc, etc.


Item 1: $10, Item 2: $8, Item 3: $5, Item 4: $1

  • If the customer has Item 1 and Item 2 in the cart, the cart automatically makes Item 2 free.
  • If the customer has Item 1, Item 2, and Item 3 in the cart, only Item 2 is marked free.
  • If the customer has Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, and Item 4 in the cart, then Item 2 and 4 are marked free.

    PLEASE someone explain to me how to do this, or PLEASE add this functionality to the software. I see posts going back years discussing the desire for this feature, but you constantly ignore the request.

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[color=#222222][font=Arial][size=4]You can easily perform all the above mentioned with the help of Promotions [/size][/font][/color][color=#222222][font=Arial][size=4](involves promoting goods and offer bonuses based on customers memberships) on your Admin panel ([/size][/font][/color][color=#222222][font=Arial][size=4]Products[/size][/font][/color][color=#222222][font=Arial][size=4]->[/size][/font][/color][color=#222222][font=Arial][size=4]Promotions).[/size][/font][/color]

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I do not see how it is possible to do what I want with promotions as they are now. Please explain

Just to clarify, the free item should be ANY item in my store that the customer wants (of equal or lesser value).

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Just to clarify, the free item should be ANY item in my store that the customer wants (of equal or lesser value).


Hello, salvag!

Thank you for the precise details. Unfortunately there isn't such function you are looking for. I[color=#282828][font=Arial][size=4]f you haven't found the promotion that is suitable for you yet, we can offer you our custom development and do a modification for you, [/size][/font][/color][color=#1155CC][font=Arial][size=3]contact us[/size][/font][/color][color=#282828][font=Arial][size=4] to get a free quote. [/size][/font][/color]

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We have been running a similar promotion for years.

Spotted a site where this happens IN the cart

but it was some big code modification job and I don't trust

big code mods because you will be paying for a mod that

can then be sold to others.

Our work around.

I am creating discount voucher codes for a range

of prices from $10 to $200


Give it a name.

Scroll to the bottom and mark it as hidden ( otherwise customers will

see a very long list when they click the Promotions link.


Coupon code is the dollar value ( no $ sign $55.00 would become 55 ).

Total products in cart equal to 2


Order discount…by fixed amount

The customer enters the appropriate code and pays.

If a customer makes a 'mistake' it can be sorted prior to shipment.


Customer has 2 items in the cart $55.00 & $180.00

They simply put 55 is the discount box and pay.

Hope this helps