Buttons replaced with text only? Please help.

My site is store.commoto.com and the buttons on my site are not appearing properly anymore. My Quick View button, Add To Shopping Cart and Checkout buttons are giving me problems. It seems like all of these buttons just stopped working all at the same time. The text is still there but the buttons are gone. It is hard for customers to see the text though so I want the buttons back. Could someone please help me retrieve them.

Also, if you click on Add To Shopping Cart, a pop up appears with an option to continue or checkout, but a broken link appears for the Checkout button. Please help.

Hello kristabrashear!

Do you still have this problem? I've checked your website in different browsers and all buttons are showing properly. As well as when I click on the checkout button it puts me on a checkout page. What browser do you use?

Try to delete your browser cache and admin cache and check if it helps.

Best regards, Alt-team

looks good to me in Chrome

Thanks for replying guys and trying to help. An SEO company that we hired had deleted a couple of files while trying to remove 404 errors from the site, so it was nothing I did.