button images change

I am wondering about the code needed to make all my default cscart buttons an image button instead- I have changed the normal add to cart and continue shopping buttons with other posts assistance - but i am looking to have all css buttons use a standard left piece, middle section and then a right piece to make up the image.

This is for 2.1

I know in the styles.css there is a complete button section

.button a, .button-action a, .button-big a, .button-submit-action input, .button-submit input, .button-submit-big input {

but just now sure how to get the left, and right portions added.

Has anyone done this?

Thanks in advance

There are a number of buttons in CS-Cart. You’d need someone VERY familiar with CS-Cart CSS and theming.

yes i realize that - hence hoping that any call to the standard button.tpl will solve the problem - I am not looking for the action buttons or anything - just the base button call that is presently a background color and a border.

This would require a little research to do. I would hit up the template type people about this.