Bulk Triming The Background Of Product Images

Here’s a little tip for novices who take their own product images. You can often end up with ugly background and even if you use a blank background you might want to remove it and show just the image. That’s difficult with by hand and time consuming if you have loads of image to do. So down load this http://www.imagemagick.org/

It’s not really a “windows user” friendly bit of software. But if you open a comand winder (dos promtp - search windows 8 “CMD”) then navigate to the folder where your images are and run this command, replacing the file type jpg to match your images extention png, gif etc

mogrify -fuzz 15% -trim +repage *.jpg

If it doesn’t work it’s not picking up the colour of the background so increase the percentage by 5% till it does. Make sure you are using this on copies of images as you might have the odd one to fix by hand.

You should be left with a product in a square trimed box. The are other options you can play with to define your own style but the advantage is speed :-)