Bulk product adding problem

Hi, i have a very big problem with cs cart version 3, and since my company has more than 10.000 products on the web store, and new products are coming every day, the problem occuring is very big

this is what is happening:

Some of product added in bult addition option are lost in the request to server with no noticable rule. Sometimes we lost 10%, sometimes 20% and sometimes we manage to add all products without problem.

There is no dependency of number of added products. The issue appears no matter if we add 20, 30 or 100 products at once.

We add 150 products, saved 136

We add 150 products, saved 144

We add 150 products, saved 150

add 30 products, saved 29

add 75 products, saved 75

but in most cases, it skips added products

there is no error in logs.

also our web store is on a dedicated server, so there is no server time out, or any problem with the server, because if i bulk edit pictures, it will save 100 pictures with no problem, as well as product descriptions.

So the only problem is bulk product edition.