Bulk Order Form or Multiple Add To Cart

I am looking for an add on or modification for a bulk order form. For example, I sell widgets in color blue, red, yellow and green. I have a customer who would like to buy 3 of each. My customer finds it time consuming to buy 3 blue and then click add to cart button and then buy 3 red and click add to cart button etc…My customer would like to have an order form to to buy all of these with one click of a add to cart button.

I once seen a website which is running on an older version of cs cart which has this feature. I am including a photo of a screen shot for an example.

If anyone knows how to do this or can recommend an add on for a bulk order form It may be helpful to me or others who would like this feature.

Someone once recommended the “buy together” add on. However that does not do what I described.

cs cart example.gif

Hello Yo Dog!

I would recommend you to have a look at the Table of options add-on. It allows customers to choose and order the necessary quantity of items of different color, size, etc. Probably you will find it suitable for your requirements.

Best regards, Alt-team