Bulk Editing Product Into New Categories

Not sure why this changed from version 2 to version 4 but trying to bulk edit products into a new category is extremely time consuming when you have a category several subcategories deep.

Example: I want to add 10 products to a new category.[list]

[]In version 2 you would select all the products you wanted to add to that category and then select to just edit the secondary categories. Once you went deep into your subcategories that tree remained open so every time you opened up the category list it would allow you to quickly get to the one category you need.

]Now in version 4 that tree has to reload every time so I have to go through and open each category until I get to the one I want on each of the bulk products. Not a big deal if just doing one or two but when doing several it is really annoying. Not sure why the cart can't remember to leave the tree open to that category anymore?


Did anyone find a work around for this or is there a setting I am missing (or can be modified)? I do like in version 4 how main category and secondary categories are all combined now as that makes editing the product to the main category much faster. But this tree expansion thing is driving me nuts since I normally have to do this a few times a month as my product list grows.

The best work around I have found so far if I have to add several products into a category that is deep in the tree is to temporarily move that category into the “root” category. That way you can quickly select that category every time. Still a PITA since even the root category is collapsed (for some reason) so you still have to expand it just to get to a root category under the vendor. Not sure why this was changed from something that worked so well in the past but it seems with updates there is always a step backwards for some features. Unfortunately this one causes me hours of extra work per month.