Bulk edit of secondary categories

It’s going to take us several days to just edit the secondary categories for our product catalog. It would be extremely helpful to have a method of not only mass editing the parent category but the secondary categories as well.

Yeah, been brought up before and I hope CS-Cart implements this in next release.

Sorry if I repeat others. I’m new to the software and I’m running in to these issues for the first time. I have a catalog of almost 3000 products and setting up all of the product attributes has turned into a nightmare of a task.

Also, the window for editing secondary categories is way to small. You need to ether enlarge it or make it variable like the post editor on this forum. See vertical “Double Arrow” in the top right corner of the editors grey box.

Yes, I need this too…

Ive resized the window in a tpl file, so thats not an issue, but I have about 2000 products to sub-categorise (horrible job without bulk edit…

Ive managed to mod bulk edit for some things, but as of yet ive not got started with the multi sub categories box…

Ill let you know if I get it done.

I noticed this too, this is a must have for CS-Cart. I was surprised to see this was not an option under the bulk edits because CS-Cart has just about eveything else I could think of needing.

[quote name=‘SWS’]Yes, I need this too…

Ive resized the window in a tpl file, so thats not an issue


Which .tpl file would have this?

I want to resize this so it’s a good 200px or longer:

Seems this will be a good MOD, we will soon develop this… once we clear our backlog :wink:

It is already possible to assign multiple secondary categories in version 1.3.5.