Bulk Edit Of Categories

I’ve been working on my site more than usual over the last few weeks and have found another niggle with CS-Cart.

When bulk editing Categories it will only update 12 categories at a time (however, bulk editing products I can do as many as I like and it saves every time).

Example, I wanted to update 40 Categories, so I manually selected the ones I wanted to update, chose edit selected from the menu dropdown and all 40 categories were there to be edited, so far so good.

I manually made the changes to each one and hit save, looking at the ones above the fold everything seemed in order, however on closer inspection (quite a while later) I noticed that only 12 had been updated, after that they remained the same as they were previously.

I know this might not seem like a major issue but it’s one I’d like to resolve, I suspect it’s with CS-Cart as it does not affect bulk product editing, only categories.

Anyone have any ideas what it might be?