Bulk Edit "additional Images"?

Is there a way to bulk edit the additional images of a product? I have thousands, and need to add extra images to a bunch of them. Really do not want to spend a hundred hours going into each product individually to add them. Thanks

To import them? if so yes, you can import extras and they will add to the exisiting ones. Just dont tick the “clean up” box before import

What/Where is the option? I was selecting say 10, then doing the edit selected, image pair and any time I upload an image, it just overwrites the one that is there. I don't see a “clean up” box anywhere?


then spreadsheet should look like this





Ahh okie. Thanks =) Very confused on how to use that though. Not quite sure what to do? Just want to add like image#2 image#3 to product's that currently just have one image.

Best thing to do is export some product that already have them on so you can see how they are done, it confused me at first now I do it all the time.

Or export the additional images from cs demo site