Bulk Category Assignment

Is there anyway to bulk add/remove products from categories. This is for existing products. It appears that when you click the Add products it assume you want to create a new product, not just check the boxes next to several products you want to add to a category all at once.

And when you bring up a product list for the category, I’m assuming the delete function actually deletes the products and doesn’t just remove them from the category.

Here’s specifically what I’m looking for or think how it should work. Frankly I’m a bit surprised if this doesn’t already exist.

On the Category Detail page, a link ‘Bulk Add Products’ This link brings up the same list just like you get when go into Global Update, and click the Add products link at the bottom. It brings up a list of products and you can click the box on the left and select Add Products or Add products and close. It then adds those items to the category and more importantly (for me) this needs to work for Categories and Secondary Categories bulk product add.

For removing, when you bring up a product list for the category, there needs to be another option for the Choose Action drop down called Change Category. When selecting that, it would bring up the category list so you can select a new category and all the products checked would be switched to that category.

Isn’t this something A LOT of people would find useful?

Note I do see the Bulk Product Add but the functionality of that is completely lame as the only option is to select products based on keyword match, not select from the entire product list using the checkboxes.

This post might be what you’re looking for: