Bulk apply block to multiple categories or products.

Is there anyway to add a block created on the categories or products tabs in the block design page such as a HTML block to multiple categories or products without having to go in and edit each one? I see there is an “apply to all” button but I can't find a way to select which particular categories or products. I want to apply it to. There is a manage categories|products" button but that just takes you to the list of categories or products?

Am I missing something here?

when it takes you to the list of categories, choose the ones you want it to appear in.



That doesn't work, i was expecting a pop up which I can choose from but I'm just taken to the products or categories page just as if I went there from the main menu, is my cs-cart broken or is there something I'm missing?



I have the same question.

I created a block on product pages. The block contains other products that can be added to the cart. This block needs to be applied to 240 products. The only way I see is to go to each of the 240 products, go to blocks and apply the new block to the product.

Any way to do add the block to multiple products? As the original poster indicated, the intuitive way is to click in the block link that “Manage Products”, but you can't select the products and add the block to them. You can add the block to All products (which I don't want) and you can delete it from all products, you just can't add selected products.

Is there an answer for this?

I have 2.2.4 Pro.