Bulk addition of subscribers

Is it possible to to a bulk addition of newsletter subscribers? I already have a newsletter list, but want to transfer over the list to CS cart, as it was with mailchimp.

Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

Straight DB injection?

Eeep? How on earth would i go about that? Theres no simple idiots way to do it then? :stuck_out_tongue:

table: cscart_user_mailing_lists

subscriber_id mediumint(8) <— auto

list_id mediumint(8) <----- serial # of the list to insert a subscriber to

activation_key varchar(32) <---- prolly a random MD5

unsubscribe_key varchar(32) <---- prolly a random MD5

confirmed tinyint(3) <— prolly a flag that email was verified

timestamp int(11) <---- what it says

lang_code char(2) <----- EN, I guess

format tinyint(3) <----- text or html, some code I guess…

I don’t have this table filled out with sample data, I only take a guess what the values are…

Well, if you got PHPmyAdmin, I think you can insert a CSV file… comma delimited from like open office…