Built-in Affilate Addon Help

We have setup a 15 day free demo account for cs-cart ultimate, we are seriously considering purchasing this product however we want to make sure that the affiliate add-on is working properly.

We managed to setup a dummy affiliate and also a plan, we managed to approve the affiliate and assign the plan to the affiliate accordingly.

We also went to affiliate options and under discount coupons we have ticked

Affiliate ID is used as coupon prefix:

Delimiter between prefix and coupon-code:


We understand you must then create a promotions coupon accordingly, so let’s say the coupon code is “DEMO”, we have also assigned conditions and bonuses for this coupon code.

So it should be as simple as the DEMO-AFFILIATECODE.

The problem we face now is when we enter the above code during checkout we get these error massages.


Gift certificate code is not valid



There is no such discount coupon.

Please try again.

We have tried for days and we still cannot work this out, any help with this would be appreciated.

Hello, Thunderbird!

We are sorry to hear that you experience such a problem.

In the situation you described you should use the coupon code: AFFILIATE_ID-DEMO, where AFFILIATE_ID is the affiliate ID (a number).

I hope it will help you.