Building a flash product configurer


I’m in the process of building a flash product configurer for a client that will basically replace the image on the category page here: [url][/url]

The client is concerned that people might not know what size they need so we’re making an interactive guide to walk them through the process… Here’s the problem – how to add a product to the cart from that page in flash, or more specifically, how to set the option/color using Flash…

I was able to get the ‘add to cart’ to work successfully using getURL(“javascript:document.productform_ID#.submit();”); however I’m still not able to get it to change colors…

I’m trying to use something like: javascript:document.productform_754.elements[‘product_data[754][product_options][2]’].selectedIndex=2;

but, while this works when I’m testing on my computer with a sample form, it doesn’t seem to be working on the web site – So, what I’m really asking is: does anyone have any ideas on how to basically change the color in the form on the html page using javascript?

The product configurator in 1.3.4 won’t work for you?