BUGS- where is the I found a bug thread??? and stuff i found

rghhhhh, i am having to retype all this **** again, because the forum obvious has low timeouts for composing a message/ login time

here goes.

A) there is no category for people to list the bugs they might find or think they have found.

i think there should be !


ok heres the bugs/ issues i have found

my server is windows/php5

cs-cart 1.3.5 sp3


if you view the website source output there are bad path to some javascript files

these bad paths are bad because they use a backslash ( \ )

-yes this is very bad, as i use http filtering on my firewall to catch hackers using sql injection and other bad url strings

-i have had to reduce the filter for catching a backslash because when the page trys to load it catches the bad source code

-here are the lines of code as taken from the rendered html source output of the home page

-this issue definitely needs to be fixed asap, this has forced me to lessen my entire server firewall rules

a simliar but less important path issue, is in the back end
in payment mehods
- select paypal pro as the method, then click on configure
the path for the certificate is using an incorrect forward slash ( /)


-a local path on the server should only be a backslash( \ ) if i am not mistaken
although windows will integrate the path correct
-like i said this one is prob not critical

php warning i found

in the backend, when creating a new order
on step 3,
i get the following php error when the shipping checkbox is UNCHECKED

Warning: array_sum() [function.array-sum]: The argument should be an array in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\domainnameremoved.com\httpdocs\shop\classes\templater\Smarty.class.php on line 1688

-i know this is just a warning msg, but non the less it should be fixed!

also when creating an order int he back end and entering the customer info, if you enter bad data format, or leave something blank,
you get the javascript pop up that say you have a problem, but the actual item is unkown
- unlike in the front end the css style change the form fields with bad /no data to a red box, therbye indicating which field is bad

it is very fustrating when there are 10 or more form fields to guess which one has the problem
-this should be fixed in my opion, escpecally since there is obviously a method to use from the front end that could easily be applied to the back end

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if you look at the menus along the top, you’ll see bug tracker.

ok great i will submit my “bugs”