Bugs in the Source Code: Correction for Free

Hello All,

Thank you for what you say, you are right:

[QUOTE][SIZE=“4”]Error correction[/SIZE]

We guarantee to correct all errors found in the program and caused by bugs in the source code absolutely for free.

[SIZE=“2”]Please note that this rule does not apply to errors arising from standard code modifications made by you or any third party. CS-Cart does not guarantee error recovery if there is no technical capability to correct it in this particular case (incompatible server settings, impossible remote access to server, etc.).[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

Source: [url]https://www.cs-cart.com/support-item.html[/url]

Everybody knows I use for years the older release of CS-Cart (1.3.5).

A minor bug was found Sunday. I spoke of it to the Help Desk CS-Cart: [url]http://helpdesk.cs-cart.com/[/url], 24 hours later, everything was in order.

CS-Cart keeps its word:

Correction is really for FREE.

You have really helped me before, and I think I will need it again in future, because I will use CS-Cart for a long moment yet.

Thanks again for your work.

Lee Li Pop

Please, everything depends on definition of a word “bug.”

If they say it works as intended and you say it is a bug… $$$

Yeah, you got to argue with them a little but I have to agree with Lee Li on this one.

A few months ago I had deleted one of my suppliers in 1.3.5 and it created an error. I had to go back and forth with them a couple of times but they finally gave in and fixed the bug.

I agree with Tool Outfitters that most of the time they will fix their bugs if you have the time and energy to go back and forth a bit.

I can understand a bug being there at times but I find their service to often be rude and unsupportive.

When you make a mistake or are even in a gray area you should apologize for wasting your customers time and quickly fix the issue, you should not require more of your customer’s time to show you how you made a mistake.