Bugs Found In Category Handling Of Cs-Cart On Admin/vendor Pages


I have found the following bugs in cs-cart. Please verify if my understanding is wrong.

1. The Category tree in admin is not behaving in a standard way. i.e.

checking a parent doesn't check all children.

unchecking a parent doesn't uncheck all children.

2. Because of above behavior, it's possible to assign a vendor child categories but not parent category. In such cases, the child categories doesn't show up in vendor panel.

3. When a Vendor is disabled or in new state, it's users are still active. This is true for teh first default administrator of a new vendor as well.


- Apply for a vendor account. It will create a new vendor entry with status "NEW".

- Now disable this vendor. Automatically a user is created in Active status. This user can login into website as well as vendor panel. This is wrong.

- Now inactivate a previously active vendor. It have no impact on any of it's administrator. This should be covered as well.

Please provide an acknowledgement as well as estimated time/version to fix these if applicable.


Nikesh Goel


i dont know why i cannot start new topic!!!

i have baght 3 cs cart licenses and i want some respect and support!

so i will post here and make it please new topic

i have a problem with the profile fields

i use profile filed for choosing a city BUT iwant the default option to be none...so the user MUST choose a city because all of them forget it and this is important because it depends for the delivery fees!

so please help me to solve this


You will need to add to the bug tracker above.

they will respond with "working as designed". A parent can have products as well as sub-categories. Hence, it only selects the products in that category. It is a product picker even though you're specifying a category.