Bug with vendor login?

Im using 2.2.4 and here are steps to reproduce my issue

  1. create a new admin group (say ‘Seller Admin’)
  2. create a new vendor account
  3. set it to ‘active’. this will automatically create an admin user account
  4. assign the new admin to ‘Seller Admin’
  5. Login vendor admin panel using temporary password
  6. vendor is prompted to change password

    however, the ‘save’ button is missing thus the vendor is stuck

    This problem only happens if I perform step 4. If I dont assign to any admin group, the login process works fine.

    IS this a bug?

    As a workaround, I unchecked ‘force admin to change password on first login’ but the vendor is still being asked to change the password??

    help please…is there any fix?

When you find what would be considered a bug, you should report it via the bug tracker. You're going to find very few users of multi-vendor here on the forum and most folks aren't going to try to recreate your problem to verify a bug they can't fix. Just trying to help you get your solution in the fastest manner possible.

I just did. thanks for pointing me to bug tracker.

to anyone who is interested. there's a fix you can apply