Bug Tracker

I have been going through the bug tracker trying to find solutions to the many problems CS-Cart has and many of the reports are marked as fixed and the reply simply says “Fixed”. In some cases the fix doesn’t actually fix the problem and is replied to and the “support team” never responds.

What is the point of having a bug tracker?

Many of the items marked “fixed” contain no other information which means that the problem will be fixed in the next release, v1.3.5-sp2. Some items contain code to patch the existing version and most of those do, in fact, work if the fixes are properly applied.

The Bug Tracker allows us all CS-Cart users to file what they think are problems. Unfortunately, just because something does not work the way that you think it should does not necessarily constitute a bug. The skills of CS-Cart users are all over the place with some people very comfortable making extended patches across many files while others are uncomfortable patching a single line of code feeling it is their right to have CS-Cart fix whatever they perceive as broken.

I have been around CS-Cart for a while and have used the Bug Tracker to report problems which typically results in a positive outcome. Your mileage may vary but I think you exaggerate any shortcomings with the Bug Tracker system.

How about posting some of your problems in the forums and allowing other users to attempt to help you.