Bug Tracker Process is broken

Has anyone else noticed that cs-cart's bug tracker process is flawed. Bugs submitted sit there for weeks with no response. And then when they do respond it is not with the fix. Instead it is usually “unable to duplicate” or “working as designed”. Then one has to re-explain how to duplicate the bug and wait another few weeks for a response. Don't they realize these bugs affect their customers livelihood and need to be corrected in a timely manner for sites to go Live and work properly.

For the last few bugs I have submitted I had to resort to a Support ticket and provide them access to my site just to prove to them it was a real cs-cart bug. I should not have to do that.

Their bug tracker support people need better training and be more knowledgeable in their product. Sometimes I think they barely try and duplicate the bug before they respond (and that is when they respond).

I can't be the only one frustrated on the bug fix process. We are providing free QA for their product and they need to treat us better.

OK, rant over.