BUG: taxes are not working properly

Running CS-Cart 2.0 RC.

Taxes are not working properly.

Won’t calculate sales tax for subtotal. Sales taxes won’t show up no matter what state or country I set it to. Doesn’t matter if I check “Price includes tax:”.

So I try applying taxes to shipping as well. Taxes show up, but it’s calculated wrong.

Check out the result below:


Shipping cost:$2.95


California Tax (9.25%):$0.25

Total cost:$28.75

Taxes aren’t apply to subtotal. Taxes are apply to shipping cost, but it’s wrong.

$2.95 * 9.25% = $0.27

Not $0.25 as cs-cart has calculated.

So the problem is:

  1. Tax not calculated for subtotal
  2. When tax is calculated for shipping, it’s calculated wrong.

Actually, I’m running the latest 2.0.2RC, not 2.0RC as mentioned previously.

Nevermind. Taxes are working fine.

It’s just that when I imported the products, the tax did not get applied to the products. Basically none of the products were taxable until I check them as taxable from the admin controls.

Once the products were checked taxable, they showed up fine. Taxes were calculated correctly once I unchecked “PRICE INCLUDES TAX”.

So no bug, just user error.

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