BUG: Suppliers Addon causing problems with manual shipping rates

It was working fine for a while, but suddenly I’m getting this message in place of the shipping rates:

Supplier: None

Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.

I have set up all the locations and manual shipping rates. None of the shipping suppliers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS have been enable.

All my products have the supplier_id=0

The only way to get it working is to disable the “Suppliers” addon from the Admin controls.

Once the “Suppliers” addon is disable, my shipping rates show up again. Once it’s turn “active”, I get the error again.

So the “Suppliers” addon seems to get conflicting with the manual shipping rates.

And what’s the purpose of the suppliers addon?


  1. I can add a new supplier.
  2. I can then associate products with the supplier
  3. I can then associate shipping methods with the supplier

    Too bad shipping rates are still broken whenever the “Supplier” addon is enabled.

Oh, I think I know what the suppliers addon is for now.

So I can create a web shopping mall so multiple “suppliers” can sell their stuff on my web store.

Online Shopping Mall!

However, I would suggest instead of a one to one relationship between product and supplier, there should be a one product to multiple supplier relationship. That way one product can have multiple suppliers like on Amazon.com

From the CS-Cart Manual pg 132:


The Suppliers add-on allows the store owner to sell products which he does not

have in stock. The owner has several suppliers whose products are sold in the store.

When a customer buys supplier’s products, the supplier receives the notification where

it is specified what products should be delivered and to what address. So not the store

owner but the supplier ship the products to the customer. The store owner just

arranges for the goods to be delivered directly to the customer. And correspondingly

the shipping cost is calculated on the basis of the supplier’s address.


[quote name=‘baballuci’]From the CS-Cart Manual pg 132:[/QUOTE]

Thanks. So it is like a shopping mall feature where other suppliers can sell their products on your website.

pretty much yea…

So much for the bug.

Seems to be fixed in the release version 2.0.3 :smiley:

If a customer purchases 3 items from 3 different suppliers, is a shipping cost calculated for each?


Each supplier can have it’s own shipping method, or they can use the same one.