Bug - recommended products (caching?)

OK, this one is very straightforward, and I have verified this on multiple machines.

You have products in the admin, and so you set up additional recommended products in the admin by using product->Blocks->central block (at the bottom - recommended)

On the actual website, you visit a product page, and the recommended products show up fine. (yay!) But then every other product page you visit shows the exact same recommended products as the first product page you saw, even though the admin has different recommended products for every single product page. (doh!)

Doh! Could it be that the cache is preventing this from working properly?

The only thing that does seem to work is that the pages with 0 recommended products do not show the area at all, but if any recommended products are designated, then it will show the incorrect ones.

a site that demonstrates this quite clearly:


This issue was solved in the bug tracker with the code fix: