Bug Of Not Bug ?


A few days one of my clients report a issue with the cs-cart functionality and normally i find a solution implemented for the client and also posted on the Bug tracker http://forum.cs-cart…create-a-issue/

What is happening is if i add into the cart some products from home, i will go to work and login and order them, after that i will come back home and i will find products into the cart and i will say WTF and i will order them again because i need them and i will lose some of the shop trust because they have a bad shop.

My Solution: i create for the Customers login to disconnect the others devices by deleting sessions (?:sessions) in this way cs-cart users can be logged only from one device.

CS-Cart Solution: “As for the case you described user will go to the orders page to see his orders status. Also with your solution functionality 'Remember me' will be work incorrectly. So it will be cause even more user's complaint.”

Community Solution: —

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If that happened to me I would email the supplier checking the had recieved my order before i delete basket


Bug. It's holding on to it because of the difference in sessions, should delete the car it user is logged in.

Bug - Not Bug

2 - 1

@johnbol1 should like to do an extra action :D

I suggest adding this to: Little annoying quirks that have been in cs-cart forever and should be fixed - Page 3 - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums - Page 3

This is indeed annoying and I forgot about it.