Bug In 4.13.3


we have been updated CS-Cart from 4.13.2.SP1 to 4.13.3 and found bug. If the customer check field "ship_to_another", billing data is rewritten to shipping data (in our configuration OC), and all data in custom fields are erased.
In our opinion, the mistake has been made on function fn_checkout_update_user_data, because in the old version code looks like this:

if (!$ship_to_another) {
fn_fill_address($user_data, $profile_fields);

on 4.13.3 if checkbox is checked, data is overwritten because there is no negation:

if ($ship_to_another) {
fn_fill_address($user_data, $profile_fields);

Please post it to the bug tracker to get official answer from CS-Cart team

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We have the same problem.

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