browsing issues using back page button


Im building a large site with over 20,000 items on the CScart software. I am having a problem when I browse through my site though.

For example, some of my categories have over 10 pages. Lets say Im on page 5 and I click on an item to view the details, then I click the back button. Instead of taking me back to page 5 where I just was, it always takes me back to page 1 of the current category I’m in. This gets a little frustrating because then I have to go back to page 5 manually to resume browsing where I left off.

Most sites do not do this. How can I make it so the back page button takes me to exactly the last page I was on?

Thank you,


your probably using AJAX pagination in which you can’t use the back button, you’ll have to turn off AJAX pagination and then your back button should work…

Thank you so much, I found and fixed the issue in the Dynamic HTML settings. That was so frustrating!

So what exactly is the purpose of that? I hope I just didn’t make my slow site, slower.