Browsers to consider when designing CS skin?

Any recommendations in particular order? Can anybody suggest 10 most important ones incl. Linux and Mobile browsers?

I use FF 3.5.x to do all of mine, but I check it with IE 8 and Safari.

While I haven’t in a while, I also use Browser Shots To check other browsers.

I hope this helps,


I check all my sites in the following order:

Firefox 3.5 on Mac/Windows

Safari 4 on Mac/Windows

Firefox 2 on Mac/Windows

IE 7/8


Google Chrome

I have noticed differences with the same browser version on Mac or Windows, so it’s important to check both. Another good idea is to look at your stats and see what people are using to browse your website.

I found a great script which adds a class to the html tag depending on your browser/platform. This allows you to specifically target for any configuration. [url][/url]

I hope that helps.

  • Jonah

The browsers visiting my site are:

Internet Explorer




I did notice some users are still using IE 6 and others using old versions of FireFox

Another good resource is the Adobe Browser Lab. Its free to register and you can check your site on a lot of different browsers

Thanks guys for your effort. Will try your suggestions.