can someone let me know how to change my settings which appear on google etc, when i google my site (premium vaping) it appears on one of my paaged (accessories) instead of my home page,

Thanks in advance

Dear Theeagle,

What settings do you want to change? Browser? Chrome?

As you have explained it is a SEO question. It has little connection to browser settings.

You search “premium vaping” in google and instead of home page it shows you another page of your website? Yes?

Maybe your home page is not optimized under “premium vaping” query. Try to change meta tags or context.

Maybe google thinks that the one of your page [color=#282828]font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif has more info about [/font][/color]“premium vaping” and ranked it higher than homepage.

Please tell us your home page and the page that google shows. It will be easier to answer your question.

Best regards, Alt-team.