Browser is closing at checkout for some customers


I have some customers complaining that at the process of checkout their browser closes with no warning.

Some of them told me also that they get a warning that the page is not safe.

I am using cs cart 3.0.4 version.

I have checked my website from 4 different computers but i never saw this problem.

Does this problems sound familiar to anyone?


Likely SSL issues. What is your site URL?


I got to final checkout step as a guest with problem, Chrome


Chrome and Firefox both automatically block non-secure items. As far as I know Chrome doesn't flag this up, but Firefox displays a pop-up to inform you this is the case.

The reason for your problems is the code below:-



Looks like you have added this into an HTML block with "http://" hardcoded.

^Dam he's good.

Thanks ! I ll remove it!

Wish this is the problem