Broken links between products and downloadable files


We have a website where we sell digital files and we stored and uploaded our entire library in and they have a total of 14 GB. The problem is that after aprox 1 year we reached the maximum of our hosting plan of 80 GB. We checked the folders and saw that the difference from 14 to 80 GB is stored in

We deleted all files created from 1st january -31dec thinking that we were deleting the links to those respective orders from that period of time.

After clearing aprox 32GB we realised that all the new orders placed after we deleted those 32 GB don't have any link between the zip file and the product.

Basically every new order lead the clients to a 404 error page and realised that all products(aprox2000) have a broken link and now we have to open individually each file and relink manually each product to its zip file to, where we originally uploaded our entire library.

We would appreciate it If someone can tell us how is that folder building up in order to administer the hard disk space better in the future.