Broken Edit Product Page


I’m getting a broken Edit Product page for most of my products (screenshot attached). I just recently integrated CitrusPay payment gateway, which might be the reason for this error. Here’s the integration package link just in case you need to take a look at what I did for integrating the gateway.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys could help me out on this.

[attachment=10017:Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 4.24.42 pm.png]

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 4.24.42 pm.png

I dont think it is the addon that is causing this, I noticed the same issue with my store today, infact even the product search is not working in the admin panel and I have not added or installed anything in a long time on the server

Product search is working fine for me, and the edit page is showing correctly on very few select items.

Can anyone else confirm this problem?

Actually, for me even the page initiation links are not working at the bottom on the admin page, when I click to go to the next set of products a pop up appears saying there is an internal server error

this is sudden and recent, not sure what is causing this with no perceptible trigger

My issue seemed to be related to “imagick”. Went to config.local.php and changed the image processing to “gd” and the issue dissappeared

Yes, I got this issue solved yesterday as well. You're right, the issue is related to imagick. I got my hosting provider to switch Apache to Litespeed for faster speeds. They rebuilt the whole PHP framework, and the settings for imagick were lost. I simply told them to install imagick again, and the issue was resolved.

Instead of turning it off in config.local.php, tell your hosting provider to install imagick for you.