Broken code appearing on main page

I have a broken piece of code (" />) appearing in the top left corner of my main page. The code appears before the graphics do. I can’t find the source. I’m using v. 1.3.5 and the defaut magenta skin. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how to find the broken code and eliminate it?


it might be easier if there was a url to view it

It looks like the issue is browser related. It appears using Firefox and Safari but does not appear using IE. In any case, the URL is:


the offending bracket is located in your meta.tpl (or wherever you edit your meta name)

highlighted in red

[COLOR="Red"][B]" />[/B][/COLOR]

plus there are extra quotes.

If you are editing meta from the admin pages, do not use the brackets and/or quotes.

That did it. Thanks, I was pulling what’s left of my hair out.


my pleasure