Brocken Stats (?dispatch=statistics.visitor_pages&client_type) 2.06

This works Fine





Log me out, and then (after login) give me a page with no data

The login out thing started at least in v2.05 , but before 2.06 I could see the data once loged…

any idea?

Does this happen when you select the “users online” link? I am not getting logged out but I am getting the empty data set.


The “users online” link works for me. No data was registered when I opened the storefront in the same browser I am using in the admin area. But, if I opened the storefront in a different browser, the stats showed up including the previously viewed pages in the original browser. Weird.


Clicking to user online /admin.php?dispatch=statistics.visitors&report=online§ion=general

does not bug

clicking to “the page” number do get detail triger the bug

If you are talking about the “Pages” link on the “Users online” page, I am not having any problems. When I click the “pages” link, I get a “Route” listing showing all the pages visited.

I had some problems with statistics links in 2.0.4, but they all seem to be working now. Was this fresh install of 2.0.6 or did you do an upgrade? If you did an upgrade, was it manual or did you use the Upgrade Center?


It was an upgrade using the Upgrade Center

“I get a “Route” listing showing all the pages visited.”

I no longer get that … I get loged out and then “no data”

Hmm, working fine for me. Hopefully, the developers will respond to your bug report soon.


From what I’ve read I’m not the only one with a similar issue.

I can not rule out an user related issue , but I did not change any settings from the server and it was working fine before …

So I guess we are in some kind of a grey zone…

more over : according to this: [url][/url]

the logging out issue was allegedly fixed

support says


already been fixed…

but it aint working here… any idea

is it safe to overight all my install file with a 206 version?

in case the trouble I’m experiencing are due to an issue in the “auto upgrade”