Brand Image Not Showing On Features Tab

I have set up a Brand/Manufacture feature in 4.0.3 and added an image for each brand. The images do not show up in the Features tab. Is there a way to display the image?

Does anyone have a solution to this?

Feature images do not display anywhere except from on that particular features page (eg. demo Adidas brand page).

The chances are you need to add the image references in the features template. Complete stab in the dark here, but I would suggest something like this would do it:-

{include file="common/image.tpl" images=$range.image_pair image_width="60" image_height="60"}

You may also need to expand on the fn.catalog.php file located in the [b]app/functions directory to get this, with something like:-

$range['image_pair'] = fn_get_image_pairs($range['range_id'], 'feature_variant', 'V', true, true, $lang_code);

Not guaranteed to work, however, in essence it does appear to construct the required variables and values to do so. You may have to play around with it to get it right, but it seems a good place to start.