Brain Dead - Quick Question

I’m moving my site to a new dedicated server. Because I’ve got to get everything on the server configured and tested working I’m leaving this cscart site live till the last moment. I’ve copied my site data over to the new server using a spare domain. But I thought although not “cs legal” the site would still be viewable.

What should I see when I open the site in an unlicensed domain ? all I get at the moment is the “closed - unavailable” banner. In the source code at the bottom it says;



No storefronts defined for this domain

Error at

app/functions/fn.init.php, line: 949









All I need to know is that the site is connecting to the database and will work once I move the domain over. Normally I would just do it but I’ve already messed the customers about enough trying to move it over when I had entered a typo in the vhost on the server. I’m having a bad week, I’ve moved so many sites on 4 different servers (not all cs) perhaps I need sleep - just can’t think for some reason :)

You should still be able to see it, just add dissallow in robots txt till your ready

Check in admin>stores and add the store front name and also for the domain

hope your brain comes alive again soon :)


That error is thrown when CS-Cart cannot find any storefront in the cscart_companies table with the domain name you are trying to use. You'd need to edit the entry in the table and fix the storefront and secure_storefront fields. Keep in mind though it may still break if you are not licensed for that FQDN and it does a call home to verify.

No storefronts defined for this domain

This error means that the URL of the store-fronts were not changed after the transfer:

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Please check it. After the correction the store-front content should be displayed to you

Well thanks for the fast resonses, it's more or less as I thought. I wanted to do a lot of work on the site on the new faster server before it went live. I'll edit the store domain in the table, thats the only thing I've not tried because I don't want a list of things to have to change back.

I managed to connect to the admin end so at least I now know the database connects :-)

I was getting a blocks error on the front end. Strange thing is, as soon as I edited cloudfront out of the local_config both front & backend went back to “closed”. While in the backend I did get the option to disable the CDN either.

I just got a seaking suspection that this won’t work when I go live so I’m gonna sleep on it.

Just remembered, if you are thinking I’m crazy for trying this as most problems with moving a site can be solved quickly, I know that. I had intended at 6 am this morning to put the live site into “closed” and then just get on with the move. Problem was and is - My site refuses to close. I enable the "close frontend " option and it doesn’t work. Even clearing the cache didn’t show it. I’m guessing it’s something to do with the CDN but it’s these small things that drive me mad :-)

It looks like the error causes the 'store closed' message. Try to replace:

ini_set('display_errors', 0);


ini_set('display_errors', 1);
define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Error message should be displayed in this case

Thanks again everyone. Finally got it live fingers crossed now.

Seems like I was fooled by the crappy DNS on my local PC, I'm now getting the “store closed” banner even on the main domain.

Is that what you see please

I got a feeling this is something to do with the cname used for cloudfront. I’ve disabled cloudfront but as I can’t open my admin end I’ll have to hack it out of the database table :-(

The store-front is displayed correctly for me now. What was the reason?