Box Dimensions As Decimal Number?

We are trying to provide accurate shipping information to get the most accurate real time calculations. While having a weight is nice, the dimensions are needed to get an even more accurate number.

Does anyone know why the dimensions for a box under each product's shipping property can only use whole numbers? Since CS-Cart cannot specify a product's dimension I was thinking of using this as a means around it – say that only 1 item can go in a box and that they are dimensions of the product, but then I saw the numbers were truncated.

An example of what I mean: say you're selling CDs. They obviously have non-integer dimensions – the height is less than 1 inch. You cannot simply figure out how many are needed to create a box whose dimensions are a whole number because CS-Cart won't merge multiple CDs into this box.

Does anyone know if altering the products table to allow the user to change the data type from mediumint for length/width/height to float cause any problem? I imagine it would, else this wouldn't have been the default. I feel like I'm missing something obvious here.