Bounce Rate before CS-Cart and with CS-Cart


I was wondering, would you mind telling me something about the “bounce rate” you had before your switch to CS-Cart (i.e. if you were using an other system like Interspire, Shopify, etc.), and what your bounce rate is now, when using CS-Cart v3.xx.

I am really curious if CS Cart has a positive effect on the Bounce Rate.

Many thanks for your answers, it is much appreciated.

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Most people will change designs when switching carts… and bounce rate will highly depend on that. I can make a wordpress site with 80% bounce rate, and a cs-cart site with 20. And the other way around.

I agree on that, but, in general you might want to display sort of the same 'branding' your shop provides to your customers. So the overall look and feel will not be that different I think.

You have to understand what bounce rate is, if you are using Google's stats then you will be getting the wrong impression as google's bounce rate means exactly nothing. They count visits from your site to your sub-domains as bounces. This is important because some website have a front page with links to sub-domains only. Also a click on the back button counts as a bounce. Closing a window and leaving the page open to session out all count as a bounce.