Bottom Line: Do you make money?

I think the title says it all…

Are you making a living with CS-CART?

I own a CS-CART license (but my business is based on another cart), but I would like to hear from other users who are actually making a living on this platform.

What is missing? What needs to be changed?

Did you modify the checkout?

How do you deal with reordering stock?

What do your customers tell you is wrong with your store?

I am interested in hearing from anyone that makes sales with this cart.

(no fanboys please, I know you can get sales with it, I want to hear from people that consider it a sales tool, not an emotional attachment).

Hi “JustKev”

We have BrandonVD along with many others providing checkout modifications, those who contribute can typically make said modifications to your requirements. (better that you ask)

Biggest complaints are not from the customers but rather the store owners. Most resolve around geographical issues however both the checkout and ordering sequence have been a hot topic of late (Rightfully so in my opinion)

Depending on how you want to operate, we manufacture our goods so keeping inventory isn’t required, we do however utilize “Tracmor” which is an open-source PHP-based inventory management system (Doesn’t tie to CS, but you get the same functionality in theory)

We never have issues that come directly from the customer except in the cases when something has really blown up, and/or I’ve blocked their IP address accidentally.

I can’t release figures but it’s more than 7-digits per year.