Both Side Columns Moved Only on Cart Page

The problem I’m having is with a fresh install of 1.3.5 SP1, where the sideboxes / columns on (only) the Cart page are completely moved down and repositioned to below all other content. I though it may have something to do with having the “Hide sideboxes on the checkout page” option checked but the problem remains checked or not.

It looks to be a simple layout exception error on the cart page, however I’ve tried restoring fresh versions but to no avail.

An example of this error can be found at [URL=“”][/URL]

after an item is added to the cart and then click on the cart page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey James,

I’m guessing it has to do with the Google Checkout button. For whatever reason that is in a table that wrapped itself around both left and right side column divs. Not sure how you managed that one :wink:

Take a look at your main.tpl page to see what’s happening…

Also, you should check it out in FireFox with the FireBug Plug In installed. It will make your life so much easier to see what’s going on.


i’m in agreement with B here…

it looks like the google checkout is conflicting or not closed in the central div…I am not good enough to pinpoint it, but try this…

remove the code highlighted in red and add the code highlighted in blue:





This code is on the template where you added the google checkout button

Many thanks Guys, that is spot on it was the google checkout button that was causing the issue. However I cannot seem to find the template file containing the HTML for the button. I’m pretty sure in 1.3.4 that it could be found in the cart.tpl (cart_pages)

Any idea where I could track this down?


should be on checkout.tpl