Blog Page

On one of my site's Blog page, I have all of the blog posts there.

But they are full versions of the blog post and then at the end of each one, it has the Read More button. The button opens the blog post in it's own page like it's supposed to.

I would like there to be only a few sentences of the blog post on the Blog Page and then the Read More would open the blog post into it's own page.

My Blog has all of the blog posts fully readable and there are over 27,000 words on that page already.

Is there a setting where I can only have a short few sentences of the post instead of it all showing and making the page bigger and bigger?

I also think it should paginate when it gets so large.

Use the tag (switch to source code to insert it) to hide part of the post. Only the part above the tag is shown in the list of all posts.
Make sure to close all HTML tags above the tag!

eComLabs - Thank you. That worked perfect.

Is it possible to paginate the blog so when it gets about 15 posts, another page is created?

It depends on the Settings -> General -> Customer settings -> Elements per page value