Blog Location Question

I currently have a blog (wordpress) setup on my website at, I would like to be able to use the same blog but move it to

Would this be possible with the CS-Cart software? I know how to move my wordpress blog, but I'm not sure how to get the .com/blog away from CS-Cart.

It depends on how your host controls subdomains, usually a subdomains files would be in a subfolder like /public_html/blog/ or /httpdocs/blog/. In this case you would only need to update the settings within WP to change the URL from to

Ensure you do not have 'blog' listed in CS-Cart SEO Rules.

I have one site running a WP install as a subfolder and I don't think I had to do anything special to get this to work.

Update: Nope, no changes in the default CS-Cart nor WordPress .htaccess files.

I've just installed WP in main directorty with CS cart in a sub directory.

Sample here: with CS Cart in