Blog Link Does Not Update/work

in SEO - for blog

SEO name - /news/ remains as such, however since resent update blog is now at /news-en/

so the link in the footer does not ( work. When i try to edit SEO name to /news-en/ it saves it as /news-en-en/ which obviously does not work either.

Please advise

similar thing is with "Our Brands" link - returns 404 error

If the system add language to the SEO URL, it means that this URL is used for another object already. You can check the cscart_seo_names table in the database if you are familiar with phpMyAdmin

Thanks eComLabs

the point is that returns page not found error, it should be

that happened after update...

if i try to change in SEO interface "news" to "news-en" it saves as "news-en-en", so the error is somewhere in the script that did/does that

i need a fix not a band-aid :)

Please PM me temporary FTP access, we will check the issue