Blocks on the Product Page

Hi dears,

I want to set Custom positioning to Blocks on the Product Page.

I have a Block with Related Products and Currently It is showing in under the Product Detail. I want to give it custom location.

How can I get the Specific Block data to be displayed?


I’m looking at doiing this did you get a solution?

anyone else have any suggestions?

Blocks can now have attributes for positioning and size. Clicke the properties icon next to the block title or adjust the positioning for the containing block (like Central, Left, Right, etc.)

Thanks i know that but what about if i want a block to appear on the product page between the product details and the info tabs for example?

Just drag it above the tabs block and below the main content?

no it doesn’t seem to work for me i’m afraid. i can have it in the tabs or below them or above the content altogether.


I have a similar issue and need to get it resolved.

I created a new block for “Related Products” but I don’t want it in the tabs area, but between the main image and the tabs. I have found the correct position in the skins/customer/blocks/product templates/my new_template to insert the “include file” code, but can’t locate the source for the code.

I did move the features out of the tabs, but features has its own tpl in skins/customer/blocks/product tabs/features.tpl

When you create a new block, where is that code located?

Thanks in advance


Have you found a solution to this?

I'm trying to add a block right beneath the Product name in the product page…