Blocks not appearing right in IE8

Hi All,

I’m not sure if anyone can help but i’ll give it a try…

Everything was working fine until i moved some blocks (using block manager). I reverted everything (so it should be ok) but my group block (horizontal blocks that appears on all pages) started to split into two rows. The weird thing is that this problem only occurs in the home page and only in IE8. It shows up just fine in IE9 and other browsers.

I recreated my blocks from scratch but no good :( I also tried clearing cache, viewing on other computers (IE8), deleting var/cache and compiled.

Any idea?

I’m using 2.2.4



PS. Sorry cant take a screenshot right now since I use IE9 on this machine.

i think i found the culprit. The problem disappears if I disable the “my account” block.

but this wasnt the case before. And the problem only occurrs on the homepage.

Any tricks I can try?